Friday, March 18, 2011

A Hot Mess of Color

I have to say that, in looking at many blogs now, that I am a rather nontraditional blogger. I say this because of my lack of subtlety. Most blogs I visit are beautifully understated, monochromatic, or pastel fantasies. Some are all white, and OH how I admire a well turned out all white room! Even my own daughter’s blog and home are very muted earth tones. (Visit her blog @ I actually very much admire looking at the pale colored homes and gardens. Then I look at my own home, and my gardens, and there is just a crazy randomness to it. I have a tendency to just throw colors everywhere in a riotous cacophony. It’s as if someone just flung a million paint samples everywhere! In my home, I just have whatever strikes my fancy and try to make it all fit somehow. It is probably a home designer’s nightmare…an example of the no-no’s of design. If there were a show “What Not To Do In Home Design and Garden”, I know a dozen people who would nominate moi!

My garden is like a fireworks show from spring until late fall, whereas my daughter’s garden is planted with beautiful soft blushing pinks and whites. And you know what? I love BOTH. I think that’s what makes the world so exciting. Everyone is different, and that is why we all LOVE to just spend hours browsing what other people have created in their own worlds. Isn’t that EXCITING?

I had a thought today, about God. God also flung colors everywhere! He’s the one who provided all of the glorious colors that are at my disposal. That thought makes me very happy with myself, somehow. So I will continue to admire the soft clean pastels and earthtones of other people’s blogs. But as for me, I’ve just gotta be me.